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Your New Business Needs These 3 Important Insurance Coverages

Commercial LinesWilfred Ovid OcampoComment

Let us help you protect the hard work you’re putting into your startup.

There are a lot of what-ifs that come with launching a new business. While you can’t eliminate all of them, you can take back control over some with the right business insurance package. Don’t leave your startup at risk! Invest in these three crucial kinds of business insurance.

Workers’ Compensation

In the state of California, you’re legally required to carry this kind of insurance if you have even one employee. But this coverage isn’t just important to comply with the law. It protects your team members if they get injured on the job by covering medical expenses and lost wages. Covering those costs also protects your business by ensuring you don’t get sued for them!

General Liability Insurance

Liability is a big way of saying something for which you could be held responsible. That means that this insurance can step in if someone tries to hold you legally responsible (i.e. sues you) for getting injured on your property, one of your employees damaging their property, claims that you slandered them, and more.

Business Property Insurance

This policy is important even if you’re renting your business space. That’s because the “property” it covers is much more than just your location. This coverage can help you pay to repair or replace equipment or inventory that’s stolen, damaged, or completely destroyed.

You may also want to ask your insurance agent about a business owner’s policy (aka BOP), which bundles general liability and commercial property together in one convenient package.

Launching a new business is no easy task! But we can help make at least one part of it simpler by assisting with your insurance needs. Let us help you protect your new business; contact ISU Sander, Jacobs, Cassayre Insurance Services.