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3 Things to Know About Social Media & Intellectual Property

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Businesses have evolved from publishing in magazines to publishing status’ on Facebook, Tweeting, posting on Instagram, and more. With the rise of technology comes new and improved ways for businesses to implement their services and strategies to the digital world.

When your business is looking to build up intellectual property through the use of social media, here are the top 3 tips that you should know!

Determine YOUR level of social media interactivity

Think carefully about the level of interactivity that is appropriate for your business and your target audience. Unbridled commentary may not make sense if comments are typically negative, so it may make sense to disable comments or requesting approval before a comment is posted.

While this is necessary in some delicate cases, one appeal of social media is that it provides a way for companies and customers to interact. In some sectors, organic communication is important to gain interest. 

Create ownership of business-related social media accounts by employees

Social media has become more and more essential for businesses to gain intangible assets. Whether it’s Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter ‘followers’, or LinkedIn ‘connections’, the value of gaining popularly on social media is important.

Protecting these accounts, even from disgruntled ex-employees who had access to the login credentials, is imperative. Clearly explain what is expected of the social media postings to employees and limit the number of staff who can access these pages.

Be ready to address social media-based infringement in new ways

Take care when obtaining images and similar content from Google - just because it's there for you to download does not mean you have the permission and rights to use them in your business operations. The creator of the content you have used in something as small as a tweet or blog post has every right to sue your business for unauthorized use. 

Building your brand on social media doesn’t have to be all risk and no payoff. To protect your company on all fronts with quality business insurance, contact your agent at ISU Sander, Jacobs, Cassayre Insurance.